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Insurance for Homeowners Across Texas

As a homeowner, you want to keep your family and home safe from whatever disaster may come your way. Unfortunately, you can’t always predict what will happen next, and home insurance claims amount to millions across the U.S. each year for accidents and natural disasters. To make sure you are prepared, you need a home insurance policy built specifically for your needs.

Primero Insurance Agency is dedicated to serving homeowners and families across Texas with fantastic customer care. With dedicated and personalized customer service, we will help evaluate your home’s insurance needs and tailor a policy geared for your protection.

Home Insurance Coverage Available Through Primero Insurance  


Personal general liability under home insurance covers accidents of bodily injury and property damage someone else may suffer. For example, if a visitor trips and falls in your home, liability insurance can help pay for their medical bills. It can also protect you in case of a lawsuit regarding these types of accidents. Liability can also extend to cover damage and injuries caused by your children or pets. If your pet bites someone, or if your child accidentally breaks someone’s window with a baseball, liability insurance can help pay for the related expenses.


Dwelling coverage provides compensation for damages to the physical home and its attached structures. It covers against a list of perils, including fire, wind, hail, lightning, smoke, explosions, falling objects, theft and vandalism. This does not generally cover things such as fences and outdoor signs.

Personal Belongings 

Personal belongings coverage provides compensation if your personal items are lost or damaged due to many of the same perils as covered by dwelling insurance. There are also optional policy floaters available to cover your expensive items such as jewelry, furs, art and electronics.

Additional Living Expenses 

Additional living expense coverage helps cover costs related to temporarily moving if your home is rendered uninhabitable by a disaster. If a hurricane sweeps in and destroys your home, for example, this coverage can help with the cost of food, temporary shelter and more.

Who Needs Home Insurance? 

While home insurance isn’t generally required by state or federal laws, it may be required for those who still have a mortgage on their home. If you have a mortgage, the mortgage lender will likely require you to carry insurance for the value of your home until it is paid off.

Even without the requirement, home insurance is crucial for homeowners in order to protect their home, family and personal belongings. Make sure to get a home insurance policy geared for your needs today.

Insure Your Home Today 

Speak with a dedicated agent from Primero Insurance Agent to protect your home and everything in it. Call us at (830) 221-7791or fill out an online quote form to get started today.

Common Home Insurance Questions 

How Far in Advance Can I Buy Home Insurance? 

You should generally have a home insurance policy in place before purchasing your new home. This ensures that you are covered from the moment you sign, even before you pick up the keys.

How Many Home Insurance Claims are Too Many? 

There is no set number of home insurance claims that are too many. However, more than one claim within a five-year period can raise your insurance rates and cause your insurer to take notice.

How Much Does Home Insurance Cost? 

Home insurance premiums vary depending on your home’s location, total replacement cost value, coverage limits, deductible and other factors. Fill out a quote form to find out how much you can save on home insurance today.

Why is Home Insurance Important? 

Home insurance is crucial for protecting your home and everything in it. Without home insurance, you may face damages to your home and other accidents all out of pocket.

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