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July 13, 2023

Benefits of Riding a Motorcycle


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Many say that once you ride a motorcycle, you can never go back. The exhilaration and freedom are enough the get you hooked, but have you thought about the economical and lifestyle benefits of riding? Studies show that motorcycles are good for riders, the economy and the earth! Keep reading to see what makes motorcycles so great.

1.- Cost of Vehicle
Gas prices are upsetting at best, and the price to buy a vehicle is daunting for cars and motorcycles alike. But in terms of overall spending, motorcycles beat cars hands-down. It’s hard to find a car that gets 30 mpg, but for motorcycles, that’s actually on the low-end of the spectrum.

2.- Cost of Maintenance
We already know that the initial cost of motorcycles is less than cars. When you factor in maintenance costs, motorcycles win again. With a little practice and experience, you can end up doing most of your bike’s maintenance on your own.

3.- Sustainability
Motorcycles are far better for the environment than their enclosed counterparts. Their low MGP saves money and natural gas and manufacturers don’t need as many large parts when they build them. Motorcycles are also better for our aging-infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.) The pressure of the tires is streamlined and they weigh far less than cars. Save the roads, ride a motorcycle!

4.- Speed and Agility
Cars are large and… well, slow. Motorcycles are agile and slim, making it easier to gain speed and maneuver through traffic. This makes it easier to avoid objects in the road, or anything else that you may encounter.

5.- Parking
If you’ve ever tried to parallel-park a car, you know it’s not the easiest task. A motorcycle’s small frame can fit into parking spots that a car might not be able to. Some spots even have designated parking for motorcycles.

6.- Less Distractions
Have you ever looked at the driver in the next lane to find them looking down at their phone? There are far too many drivers that feel comfortable enough to text or surf the web while they are driving. It’s unsafe for everyone on the road, not to mention it’s illegal in some states. Bikers are proactive, meaning they need to stay focused on the road and be aware of their surroundings.
A group of motorcyclists travelling up a scenic mountain road

7.- Freedom
Feel the breeze as you cruise down the highway on two wheels… Motorcycles create a sense of adventure that you just can’t find with a car. Once you feel the freedom of riding a motorcycle, how can you go back?

8.- Community
The motorcycle community is more than a group of people: it’s a lifestyle. Every year rallies across the country bring together thousands of bikers with a common love for the open road. You can even connect with the biker community online to share tips, tricks and good stories.

9.- Health
The results are in: riding is good for your health! Studies have shown that riding decreases stress and promotes mental health. Riding also burns calories and is known to improve the function of previously injured knee joints. Time for a ride – doctor’s orders!

10.- It’s Fun
It’s plain and simple – motorcycles are FUN! Every ride is a memorable adventure. You can’t find that kind of fun in a car, can you?

You already know that motorcycles are awesome, but now you have the facts to back it up. Share this article with your family and friends to show them why motorcycles really are the best!

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