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May 10, 2023

The Basics of Motorcycle Equipment

Without the walls, airbags and other safety features of a car, motorcyclists face a far greater chance for injury in the event of an accident. However, while there’s always a greater risk of injury on a motorcycle, you can wear a variety of safety gear to protect your body from the rough pavement. Let’s talk about the most common motorcycle safety gear and how it can help protect you. 
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We’ve come to associate leather jackets with bikers, but did you know that leather is much more than a fashion statement? The thick material helps protect your skin during an accident by allowing the biker to slide across the pavement, rather than tumbling. It also helps prevent scratches and other abrasions.  

Though not every state has a helmet law, it’s crucial to wear one when riding a motorcycle. Why? Out of all the motorcycle-related fatalities, half of the bikers weren’t wearing a helmet at the time of impact. It’s always a good idea to protect your noggin. Choose a helmet with a snug fit. Models with face shields help improve your visibility while riding. 

Motorcycle boots have a thick rubber sole for optimal traction and reinforced materials in more delicate areas, such as the ankles. A good pair of motorcycle boots will be made of weather-proof materials to protect your feet and legs from exposure to harsh conditions, including windburn.  

Body Armor 
Though not as crucial as the items above, body armor can be worn for added protection. Made of foam or impact-resistant plastic, body armor is typically worn underneath clothing or built into motorcycle jackets and other garments. Many riders also enjoy the protection of motorcycle gloves. These protect your hands from the elements, along with protection from cuts and scrapes during a fall. 

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