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June 5, 2023

Weather Safety Tips For Motorcyclists

Your motorcycle can be your ticket to fun times when the weather is good. There’s nothing better than a ride on scenic roads around your town. 

Just the same, bad weather affect both the biker and the bike. 

When riding, bikers are more exposed to the weather more than if they would be in a standard car. Bikes are also much more sensitive to operate. This sensitivity makes it more difficult to ride on wet or damaged roads, or in severe weather. 

Transportation safety experts usually discourage riding a motorcycle in bad weather. Most authorities recommend that bikers only ride when the weather is good. Riders who take their bike out in adverse weather increase their motorcycle insurance risks. 
motorcycle parked on the side of the road
How Weather Affects Bikes 
Adverse weather raises the risk of accidents, which could damage the bike and hurt the rider. Since motorcycles are two-wheeled vehicles, they need much more effort to control. Drivers have to utilize weight, balance and sensitive steering to keep the bike on the road. 

If roads are wet or frozen, or even if weather like high winds impact driving, there could be adverse impacts on the steering and balance of the bike. If a driver were to ride the bike in rain or other inclement weather, then the risk of skids and flips would increase. Drivers face a much higher risk of injury in these instances. 

Furthermore, drivers have to maintain their bikes even when storing and parking them. Engine and steering systems are more exposed on bikes than they are in regular cars; exposure to weather could corrode these systems, posing an accident risk later. 

Most manufacturers recommend that bikers store motorcycles in garages or other enclosures. Many bikes also come with specialty covers. Riders should use these covers when storing the motorcycle for long periods. 

How Weather Affects Riders 
Bikers are more exposed to the elements than the average driver. They have to protect their bodies as much as they have to protect the bike. Just as helmets can prevent head injuries or death, proper gear can protect the rider. 

Even when riding in nice weather, the exposure to strong winds and other debris poses a risk to motorcyclists. Riders should always cover up. Most bikers keep specialty shirts, coats, gloves, shoes and headgear for insulation.  

The greater the variation in temperatures or conditions, the greater the risk of harm to a biker. The exposure to both extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures can harm bikers. 

Therefore, motorcyclists need to be aware of the weather. Don’t attempt to ride in severe or adverse weather. Always protect your own body when you bike, regardless of the weather. 

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