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September 20, 2023

When Can I Expect My Auto Insurance Rates To Climb?

There are a few instances where your auto insurance premiums may go up. Some of them may have nothing to do with you. They may be completely out of your power. If you notice your car insurance rates have increased, it may owe to any of the following reasons: 
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  • You were in an accident. This is the most common and the most obvious reason for a rate increase. If you are in an accident, then your insurer is going to bump your rates to cover the risk of it happening again. Generally, an accident will stay on your insurance record for anywhere from three to five years. However, you may be able to talk your insurer into cutting you a break by attending advanced driving courses.
  • You’ve made a claim. If you file a claim — for anything from an accident to vandalism to car theft — you can expect your premiums to go up. You can avoid this by saving your claims for when they really count. If you were in a minor fender-bender or someone ran a shopping cart into your door, there’s not much cause to go through your insurer just to fix a little chipped paint.
  • Changes within the insurance industry. In 2019 we saw a general spike in insurance premiums across the board. This owes to multiple factors, with a big one being many auto insurers that saw negative profits in previous years. Inflation and new regulations may also play a part. These premium climbs are often industry-wide. 

Safe driving is always going to be your top ally in keeping your rates down. If you can avoid accidents and avoid having to file a claim, you’ll have the upper hand. Even when rates climb for reasons out of your control, you’ll still have a lot of bargaining power to get a great rate. 

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